The charity was set up to manage the Barlow estate and in so doing provide facilities to improve the condition of life of the local community. The charity has specific goals; to provide a social centre and recreational facilities for all.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to manage our community’s inheritance to provide attractive facilities across a diverse range of activities that are both welcoming and accessible to all. To focus on the future sustainability of this unique and historic estate for social, cultural, educational, sporting and recreational purposes.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to build upon our unique legacy and create a thriving destination providing educational, recreational, and social wellbeing for the local and wider community based on our historical values and quality of life.


Since the charity was established it has been run and organised by a huge number of volunteers who contribute many hours to fundraising and promoting the charity for donations. This page has been put together to give you an overview of some of our current and ongoing fundraising projects along with some instructing monetary facts. Please feel free to contact us for more information or indeed donate to the charity through our Just giving link.

Raised £19,289 towards the £50,000 target.

FOTB (Friends of the Barlow)

Total raised by our Friends of The Barlow campaign. Becoming a Friend will help to pay to repair and renovate the structural fabric of The Barlow. In the longer term, money raised by the Friends will be used to upgrade, refresh and improve The Barlow facilities.

Raised £7,778 towards the £10,000 target.

Volunteers Tea Room

Our weekly volunteer led Tea Room providing a selection of beverages, freshly baked cakes and sundries to the local and wider community.

Raised £6,362 towards the £10,000 target.


Total donations given to the Barlow through anonymous, gifted or random donations.

The Trustee’s are an elected body of volunteers who are inlace to manage the running of the Charity. The board has many responsibilities from daily governance, charity finances through to managing the strategic direction of the Charity Estate gifted to the village of Edgworth.

The board is made up of individuals that bring specific skills to the Charity, ranging from local Business individuals, Accountants, Community/Volunteer specialists to H&S safety and legal professionals. Trustees are elected at an annual AGM by the community and are made up of the following positions to include 2 representatives from North Turton Parish council our custodian trustees


Jonathan Mather


Phillip Grundy
Vice Chairman


Lee Parker
Custodian Trustee


Richard Cort

Alyson Whitlock

IMG_8301 2

Sally Houghton


 Glenys Sydall

lotteryfundThe Project

The Barlow has been the beating heart of this rural Lancashire village for over a hundred years but it is now in need of some major surgery to ensure future generations can benefit from this unique inheritance.

We want to work together to:

· Develop a welcoming accessible place for all
· Care for and preserve our exceptional legacy
· Keep our community hub alive
· Respect the wishes of the Barlow family in promoting health and wellbeing for all

The first phase of the project will encompass the regeneration of the main building and woodland walk.


· The Main Building is in a terrible state of repair, the roof and building are in need of significant regeneration works. Currently about 50% of the building is accessible and it lacks any kind of modern facilities such as heritage double glazing, effective heating and power distribution, catering facilities, WiFi access, telephones, IT equipment all the things needed to run a modern community centre.
· The Woodland Walk is inaccessible in some areas. The paths are waterlogged and in poor repair and there are fallen trees blocking the route. It is inaccessible to those with a physical disability.

What will we do?

We are currently fundraising to repair and regenerate The Barlow building. This will mean a significant bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund and to other major funding bodies which will take time. However challenging and worrying this time is, especially for those who have grown up using The Barlow, we must do something – if we do nothing then the building will eventually fall into disrepair.

What can you do?

· Volunteer to help us! We are safeguarding the future of The Barlow for the next generation.
· Support the changes that will inevitably happen.
· Use this page as a source of information about the project. We will keep everyone updated on our progress.


7th March – Resilience Application Letter – From the Chairman –  Download Letter